Introducing FlightsMeet: The Tool for Finding Common Destinations from Two Different Airports

I know that I said I will give more technical details for FlightsMeet this week but I think it deserves a proper introduction first before diving in the details of my indie hacking development journey.

A bit of background first. My girlfriend and I have been living in two different countries for the past two and half years and in order to see each other we travel quite frequently, in particular each one of us visits the other once every three weeks (this is possible thanks to low cost airlines in Europe). Although having a long distance relationship sucks we decided to approach this as an opportunity to visit more places in Europe, as we are already traveling every three weeks, every now and then we could try to go to a third place. The first time we wanted to organize this trip we quickly faced the problem of having to manually search an economical destination that we could fly and return to/from our bases. We managed to find a destination, Bologna, and we had an amazing time there.

A few months later I was thinking that I want to try indie hacking but I didn't know what to build. Then my girlfriend came up with the idea of a web app that helps you find common destinations from two different airports. So I started building FlightsMeet.

FlightsMeet is the tool you needed when you were planning a trip with your best friend/partner/parents/siblings who live in a different city. FlightsMeet is a web-based platform that helps you to find the ideal meeting point for your next adventure, the ideal could be different from person to person, and this is why FlightsMeet allows you to choose based on the combined price, the desired location or the duration of the flights.

FlightsMeet is built on top of the Kiwi Tequila API, which provides comprehensive flight search data, ensuring that you get the best flight options available.

Here's how FlightsMeet works:

  • Enter your preferred travel dates and departure cities and press search.
  • FlightsMeet generates a list of common destinations and a list of all the outbound and return flights for this destination.
  • Choose your preferred destination and flights and then press book to book your flights on the Kiwi website.
  • Plan the rest of your trip together with ease!

    FlightMeet is not yet online but I want to show you a sneak peek of the app.

    This is the search page:

    Search Page
    Follows an in progress search:

    In progress Search
    And finally the results page:

    FlightsMeet is the perfect solution for anyone looking to meet up with friends or loved ones in a new and exciting location. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a group trip with friends, FlightsMeet makes it easy to find the perfect meeting point.
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